2017 Pistol Camp Instructors

Steve Shroufe
Steve Shroufe
Steve Shroufe has been a firearms instructor and competitive shooter for nearly 16 years.  He recently retired from a 20-year law enforcement
career with the State Police in Arizona.  His final assignment there was supervising the department’s firearms training unit.

Steve has been a USPSA competitor for 16 years.  He has four top 16 finishes at USPSA Nationals and several other top 20 finishes.

Steve is currently the owner and president of Hit Factor 6.0 LLC, a firearms training/coaching company specializing in competition shooting.

Steve is sponsored by MGM Targets and Cameron’s Custom Guns.

You may contact Steve at www.HitFactor6.com, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia

I started shooting in 1999.  A good friend Will Smith took me under his wing to show me the finer points of shooting.  Will showed me almost
everything I know today about shooting.  Once I started to get the basics down we decided to try IDPA.  Once I got a taste of competition
shooting i was hooked.  For the next few years IDPA shooting was all I did.  In 2005 I decided to really try USPSA.  I found with this style
of shooting it gave the shooter the ability to shoot the stage to their style of shooting.  I immediately loved USPSA.  I started USPSA with a
Para P18 that first year.  I was lucky that Ed Cameron from Cameron’s Custom Inc was graceful enough in helping me to get into an open gun. 
From that day forward Ed Cameron put me on his shooting team.  Over the years I have met and learned from some of the great names in this sport. 
Every day I look forward in going to the range to see the guys, gals and the competition that is at the range.
Florida Open    6th Overall
WSSSC    16th Overall
Spring Steel    3rd Overall Open Division
Yuma Charity Match    2nd Overall Open Division
Area 1    High Overall
Northern Arizona Classic    High Overall
West Coast Steel Challenge    9th Overall

 Dave Neth - Pistol Instructor - National Champion Competitive Shooter, Idaho State Police Officer, Firearms Instructor, Industry Consultant.
Dave Neth

Over the last decade, Dave has been accepted as one of the best practical shooters in the nation.  He has won multiple major competitions
and has earned over 20 “Top Law Enforcement” titles throughout his shooting career.

Dave truly has a passion for the 2nd Amendment, and is currently an Idaho POST Certified Law Enforcement Instructor.  Dave holds an Idaho POST
Master’s Certificate, and teaches both LE and civilian classes all across the US.  From Carbine, Shotgun, and Handgun training, to research and
development consulting of new firearms systems and concepts, Dave is totally immersed in all aspects of the Shooting Sports Industry.

Dave is a sponsored member of the Hornady Pro Shooting team, the Leupold Tactical Shooting Team, and JP Enterprises.

BJ Norris




Manny Bragg


I have been in the shooting industry for over twenty years, teaching 1000's of people, from eight to eighty years old, across the globe. It is fulfilling to help people set goals and accomplish dreams to be better shooters. I have coached competitors in the world of competition shooting, from USPSA, IDPA, GSSF, Steel Challenge, to 3 Gun. I have trained, cross trained and mentored students whose goals were to win anything from "D" class, to National and World Championship titles.
So far I have well over 350 match victories, ranging from local, section, state, area, national, and world titles. I am currently on Team USA’s world championship team for the fifth consecutive time with four world titles. My love for the sport continues to grow and I love working with people.
Currently I am Match Director for over ten matches a month at the Volusia County Gun Club in New Smyrna Beach, FL and actively recruit new shooters weekly to bring them into the world of competition shooting.
My Amazing sponsors are Black Scorpion Gear, MGM Targets, Mark 7 Reloading, Montana Gold Bullets, and my beautiful wife Elena, and our German Shepherds, Foxy, & Leo.



Christian Sailer - Assistant Instructor

Christian Sailer

I’m a 16 yr old junior shooter from Bellevue, WA competing in local, regional, national, and world level USPSA, IDPA, and Steel Challenge Competitions. I started shooting competitively 3 years ago and I am a Steel Challenge Grand Master and IDPA Master. I maintain a 4.0 GPA in honors and AP classes as a junior in high school, and am one of four elected school leaders, baseball team captain, and school ambassador.

Link to my videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnm4ZIYEX_UBwvK3paGfJ2w/videos

Some of my recent shooting accomplishments include:

  • 2016 World Speed Shooting Championship-1st Place Rimfire Pistol Irons and 10th Place Open

  • 2016 Scholastic Action Shooting Program National Championship-High Overall and New Record Holder

  • 2017 Area 1 Handgun Championship 7th Open and High Junior

  • 2016 USPSA Area 1- 3rd Place Production and High Junior

  • 2016 Washington State IDPA Championship- 1st Place SSP



2017 MGM 3-Gun Camp Instructors

Craig Outzen
DSC 0042

Craig Outzen is a 20yr. professional Fireman/Paramedic with the rank of Captain working for the Unified Fire Authority (UFA) in Salt Lake County UT.  He is also a Reserve Officer for the Unified Police Department (UPD). His drive to excel and perform at the highest levels has resulted in extensive time spent assigned to specialty units in both departments. He has spent many years in the UFA’s Heavy Rescue Program, Recruit Instructor Cadre as well as serving as a SWAT Team member and Firearms Instructor for the UPD.  In addition, Craig is an active member of Utah Task Force 1, one of 28 FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Teams located throughout the nation. He holds multiple certifications (Rescue Specialist, Medical Specialist, and Heavy Rigging Specialist) and has deployed multiple times with UTTF-1 including the World Trade Center on 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Boulder Colorado floods in 2013.

A lifetime firearms enthusiast, he began shooting trap competitively as a young boy. After completing college and establishing his career he began shooting action pistol matches and eventually shot his first multigun match in 2005.   The unlimited challenge and complexity of 3 Gun soon grew to become his sole shooting focus.  Given his passion for 3 Gun and his drive for performance, Craig has become one of the most formidable multigun shooters in the nation.   He has been a perennial qualifier and participant in the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series since its inception in 2010 and is a consistent top competitor at any national level event he attends (14 events in 2015).  An additional highlight to his shooting career has been representing the US National Team in Hungary at the 2012 and again in Italy at the 2015 International Practical Shooting Confederation World Shotgun Championships.

In 2017 Craig will be adding more Precision Rifle competitions in an effort to broaden his shooting skill and experience. He has also been chosen as a representative of Team USA as they travel to Moscow Russia for the inaugural IPSC World Rifle Championship. This will be the third time he has been chosen to represent the USA on the world’s competition stage.

For the past several years Craig has not only maintained his shooting activities but also coupled extensive product and manufacturer representation into the mix as well. Not only does he maintain an active social media presence, but he also has been involved with the marketing, advertising, testing, and development of multiple products. He utilizes his gregarious and affable personality to consistently create positive interactions with all of the many individuals he meets during his active competition schedule.

In recent years Craig has also begun combining his experience teaching with his exceptional shooting knowledge to instruct both newcomers and seasoned competitors alike. Most notably he has been a repeat instructor at the MGM Targets 3 Gun Junior Camp. MGM camps have become renowned for helping to produce the next crop of responsible gun owners and competitive shooting superstars. The reward of working with junior shooters has been one of the very best experiences of his shooting career.


Travis Gibson
Travis GibsonTravis started shooting at 32 after deciding there was just too big of a chance for an ambulance ride with motocross and bull riding. 
Shooting is so much safer!

Travis started with USPSA early in 2006, but after shooting his first 3 gun match, he decided that was going to be his primary focus. 
Requiring the shooter to be skilled with rifle and shotgun as well as pistol is what makes 3 gun such a challenge for him.  Other shooting
disciplines he regularly competes in are long range rifle, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and International Defensive Pistol Association.  Travis
is sponsored by the following companies:

MGM Targets - Colt Competition Rifles - Cabelas - Hornady - Vortex Optics - Warne Scope Mounts

Safariland - Crye Precision - COM Kydex - Schuemann Barrels - Yeti Coolers

Recent Shooting accomplishments:

    2013 3 Gun Nation Divisional Series 5th Open
    2013 3 Gun Nation Divisional Series 5th Scope Tactical
    2013 3 Gun Nation Pro Series 19th
    2013 USCA National Championships – 2nd Heavy Optics and 4th Scope Tactical
    2013 Inaugural Seekins Precision Team 3 Gun Champion
    2013 Rocky Mountain 3 Gun 3rd Open Division
    2013 Northwest Multigun 2nd place Open Division
    2013 MGM Ironman 3rd place Scoped Tactical Division
    2013 MGM Ironman 2rd place Open Division
    2013 Texas State MG Championship 4th place Scoped Tactical Division
    2013 Superstition Mystery Mountain 4th place Scoped Tactical Division
    2012 Fallen Brethren Multigun Championships 7th Scoped Tactical Division
    2012 11th in Scoped Tactical division in 3 Gun Nation series
    2012 Northwest Multigun Championships 4th Scoped Tactical Division
    2012 1st Annual Crimson Trace Midnight 3 gun 7th Overall
    2012 MGM Grand Nationals Man on Man Limited Champion
    2012 MGM Ironman 2nd Trooper division
    2011 2nd A class USPSA Multigun Nationals
    2011 Area 1 Multigun 5th Scoped Tactical and 6th Overall
    2011 Northwest Multigun Manually Operated Rifle Champion
    2011 Northwest Multigun Limited Division Champion
    2011 MGM Ironman Limited Champion
    2011 Blue Ridge Mountain 3 gun 10th overall
    2010 Fort Benning 3 gun 11th overall
    2010 USPSA Area 1 Limited Champion
    2010 USPSA Idaho State Champion
    2010 Idaho State Steel Challenge Championship High Overall, and 3rd Overall in .22 division
    2010 Tactics Precision Rifle Challenge 10th overall
    2010 S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals 1st ESP Expert and 7th overall in ESP


Pete Rensing - Coming Soon


Wyatt Gibson



My name is Wyatt Gibson and I am 18 years old. Shooting has been a big part of my life since I was about 6 years old.  I started to shoot by helping my grandpa test targets for his steel target company MGM Targets. I gradually became more accurate and soon I decided to shoot my first local pistol match. At age 6 the only people I would beat were the people that got disqualified, but I had an absolute blast shooting with my parents and grandparents. Every weekend we would go to the local match at 6 o'clock in the morning to help set up and then shoot the match and then help teardown. About 3 years later my dad started competing in 3 gun. I went and shot a 3 gun match with him but didn't care as much for it as pistol matches. 

 Ever since I can remember our family has been holding the MGM Iron Man 3 gun. I always would help set up and teardown but I had never shot it. Every year everyone would ask if I was going to shoot the match but I would always say maybe next year. At 12 years old I finally decided to try my hand at the intimidating MGM Iron Man. The day before the match I made up my mind to compete in trooper division.

 In trooper division I had to carry not only my gear but all of my ammo for the day, but I was allowed an ammo can in the trooper shack. I could store any extra ammo I had in it for the match. No one was allowed to help me carry my 3 guns and ammo, I couldn't carry my stuff little by little to the next stage and I couldn't accept anything from anyone. That includes ammo, food, or any other gear like guns, bipods or magazines. So I was pretty much on my own.

 My second three gun match, ever, had started. I timed out on every stage but I had an amazing time! My second day didn't go as well as the first. A broken extractor on my shotgun moved me into scoped tac because I had to use my dad’s shotgun to finish the match. After my experience at the Iron Man I was hooked… goodbye pistol hello 3 gun! 

 At this point my parents and I started to travel to matches like the Rocky Mountain 3 gun and the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3 gun. I love to travel and I love shooting 3 gun. 

 My first couple years of 3 gun I was always at the bottom of the results. Slowly without me noticing, I moved up the list. 5 years later I now have amazing sponsors; Colt Competition Rifles is my main sponsor. My other sponsors are:


Colt Competition Rifles

MGM targets


EMG custom pistols


X rail

Warne Scope Mounts

Sowa Strong

Techwear USA

Hawktech Arms

Crye Precision 

Proof Research


Some of my accomplishments are;


  • MGM Ironman, 1st in Trooper and overall in the match.

  • Northwest Multigun Challenge, 1st in open and overall in the match.

  • 3 Gun Nation Western Regional, 1st in open.

  • Surefire World Multigun Challenge, 1st in open and overall in the match.

  • Big Gun TV show, finished 3rd in a field of world class USPSA, IPSC and 3 Gun competitors.



  • MGM Ironman, High Junior and 1st overall Trooper, along with High junior and 4th overall in Scoped Tac division. 

  • Montana Multigun Championship, High Junior and 1st overall Open division. 

  • USPSA Multigun Nationals, High Junior and 8th overall Open division. 

  • Surefire World Multigun Championships, High Junior and 2nd overall Open division. 

  • Starlight 3 Gun Championships, High Junior and 7th overall. 


  • MGM Ironman, High Junior Trooper division. 

  • Superstition Mystery Mountain 3 Gun, High Junior Open division. 

  • FNH USA 3 Gun Championship, 3rd overall in Open division. 

  • Surefire World Multigun, High Junior in Open division. 

  • Seekins Precision Team Match, 2nd overall team and High Junior. 

  • Purgatory Flats Multigun, 2nd overall and High Junior in Open division. 

  • Idaho Section USPSA Championships, 1st B class Open division. 

  • Colt Competition Northwest Multi Gun Challenge, Second Junior and 7th overall Open division.

  • Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational, second Junior and 14th overall.

  • Long Island Handgun Championship, High Junior and 1st overall Open division.


  • Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational, High Junior. 

  • MGM Ironman, High Junior Scoped Tac division. 

  • Rocky Mountain 3 Gun, 2nd Junior Scoped Tac. 

  • Seekins Precision Team Match, High Junior. 

  • High Junior AR15.COM Pro/AM.


  • First season of shooting 3 Gun

  • Rocky Mountain 3 Gun, 2nd Junior in Scoped Tac division. 

  • 7th In the 3 Gun Nation Junior division series.

  • MGM Ironman 3rd Junior.

  • Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun 4th Junior.

  • Northwest Multigun Championships 3rd Junior.

  • Rocky Mountain 3 Gun 2nd Junior Scoped Tac 3rd overall Junior.

  • Powder River 3GN season series High Junior.


  • Man on Man Grand Nationals, 2nd overall D class limited.